Team TutorPro Loves #LegalTech

Hey there, it’s the VP Client Success here with a blog from HQ. It won’t surprise our loyal readers to know that most members of the team are super nerdy, in fact many of us embrace a level of nerdiness that knows almost no bounds! For some people on the team it’s cars or bikes, for others it’s martial arts, for me it’s rapidly becoming #legaltech on Twitter.

“Twitter???!?!” I hear some of you cry, isn’t that where millennials go to complain about reality TV? Writing as a millennial – Yes, it is! Just head over there and search #TheBachelorWinterGames (if you ask me nowhere near as good a guilty pleasure as #BachelorinParadise!). However, it’s also where those at the cutting edge of legal technology and the ideas which will forge the future of the whole legal industry hang out at ‘glass of wine time’.

As it’s Friday, and as there’s a dearth of great reality TV tonight (missing #RHONJ already) I thought I’d share a few of my favorite #legaltech tweeters with you. A couple of things unite the three influencers below. Firstly, all of them are focused on real tech solutions to real legal industry problems – there’s a ton of buzz around legal technology at the moment and much of it is focused on ideas that won’t immediately change the landscape, if it ever will. These guys will help you work smarter by Monday morning. Secondly, many people don’t use Twitter as a social media platform, they don’t engage with others, they simply send out statements. All the influencers below will have a conversation and engage with opinions that differ from their own.


Ivy B. Grey

As you can see from Ivy’s profile she’s both an entrepreneur and an attorney, she gets business and law. She’s also something of a forward thinker, her tweets often focusing not on future tech, but on the innovations that can make legal work better right now. That’s where her product PerfectIt comes into play. Whenever she shares a third party resource she gives a note as to why it’s worth a look. She’s written a fantastic white paper on why attorneys being able to use technology is a matter of ethics – Technology Competence – What the Ethical Duty Means for You and Your Firm


Colin S. Levy


As you can see from Colin’s profile he’s an in-house attorney, interested in legal technology, and a fan of Roger Federer. Colin is a great aggregator of some of the best content on Twitter about technology and the practice of law. His interest appears to focus on the technology that supports the work of the attorney, as opposed to the whole ecosystem of the firm. As well as aggregating content from around the web he has a fantastic blog with some great interviews. A favorite of mine is a short exchange with Daniel B. Rodriguez, Dean of the Pritzker School of Law at Northwestern.




Michelle Spencer


My final favorite legal tech tweeter is Michelle Spencer. Michelle is a big law alum, and veritable expert on the efficiently operated law firm. She’s taken those years of experience in legal software training and practice and launched a fantastic consultancy – the Legal Learning Development Network. Michelle is also a partner of ours and is the genius behind much of the vendor agnostic, and material-rich, Learning Management System (LMS) Toolkit which aims to make it easier for firms to choose an LMS, ANY LMS (yes, ANY LMS!!!).

So if you reach gin and tonic time this evening and want something interesting to read, go over and follow these guys!