From the CEO’s Chair

As many of you will have noticed from her social media our CEO, Claire Revell (née Loram), is on honeymoon at present. She and her new husband Jay are spending two weeks in the Island Paradise of Zanzibar, an archipelago and semi-autonomous region of the east African nation of Tanzania. According to the photos and posts it’s all sandy beaches, blue sea, trips with dolphins so what (other than minor company disaster) could possibly warrant interrupting this heaven on earth with an email to Team TutorPro HQ…

Hey Team TutorPro,

How are you all? Jay and I saw these and thought you guys might enjoy!


So I’ve realized here that it’s not necessarily important to switch off, in fact switching off wouldn’t be at all relaxing for me! I think is important, though, to find a change of gear. I want to make sure we really do all get a chance to do so at work. Can’t promise Zanzibar, but maybe Dartmoor??!!

Jay and I were having dinner last night by the beach as the sun was setting over the Indian Ocean, and the waves were gently rippling up the beach, as the light breeze cooled us, and we couldn’t stop thinking about (Editor’s note – you’re reading this right folks!) Team TutorPro and how we react to the growth we’ve been experiencing and the fact that our team continues to expand to meet to requirements of our ever-larger Client Family of firms.

  • Product Evolution – much of our focus in the last two or three quarters has been new product origination. How can we get these new solutions evolving quickly, and in the right way, so we take them from good to great, and then greater!?
  • Service Level – people have told us for some time this is a deal-maker for us and part of our differentiation in a competitive market. Let’s quantify that because as we grow we need to make sure that the foundation we’ve built scales with us.
  • Empowerment – the last couple of quarters have meant that there has had to be some top-down direction to get everything out of the gate this summer and fall. Let’s make sure that’s situational and not a habit that embeds in the organization. That way every member of the team is able to give everything they can offer to TutorPro without being inhibited by too much rigidity.
  • Idea generation – having this time away from the office has given me so many ideas for what we can do to work smarter. It’s so freeing to be able to work on the business not in the middle of it. We should make sure all our teams have a chance to get out of the fray regularly and be creative. That is tough during a period of growth, but without it we won’t keep succeeding for our Client Family Members.

Let me know what you all think about these ideas when I get back – it’s time to go Dolphin watching!