Work-life Balance is Enhanced at TutorPro

This week’s blog comes from Team TutorPro HQ, as we talk about work-life balance. 

Wikipedia’s definition of work–life balance is “The term used to describe the balance that an individual need between time allocated for work and other aspects of life. Areas of life other than work–life can be, but not limited to personal interests, family and social or leisure activities.”

There are hundreds of articles all over the Internet that speak to work-life balance and the description for what it means at different organizations can vary immensely.  Working the traditional 9am – 5pm is very rare. This is partly due to the devices we all own, and how easy it is to be contacted.  Switching off can be difficult, when it’s so easy to connect.  This has had a part to play in companies expecting us to be “available” whenever needed. The other factor of not working the traditional 9 – 5, is how we live our life outside of work.  


Team TP are pleased our CEO is not Elon Musk, from Tesla!

Here at TutorPro we pride ourselves on our culture and our terrific group of top-notch gurus’! We don’t have anyone that works 9am – 5pm Monday – Friday, in any one office. Some team members work from home 1 – 2 days a week, some work from home all the time. Some of the team work 7am – 4pm, others work 8am – 6pm and then half day on a Friday. Of course, this helps to support our global Client Family Members, but it’s more than that. Our CEO, Claire Revell, understands the benefits of flexible working hours and giving us the option to work remotely.

Claire says:

“I recently asked the team to complete a performance review on me as a CEO, but also on their role at TutorPro. One of the important questions for me to ask was ‘On a scale of 1 – 10, how happy are you working here, and how valued do you feel?’. Everyone scored a 9 or a 10, I’m very pleased to share! The pressure of an increasingly demanding work culture is perhaps the biggest and most pressing challenge to the mental health of the general population. An unhealthy work-life balance can affect all aspects of your life. Work should be an extension of our life, not the other way around. Family is important, and it shouldn’t have to be a logistical nightmare to get the kids to and from school. Parents should be able to attend school plays, sports activities, or take time for themselves.  Why insist the team should sit in hours of traffic commuting when they can work from home? From experience I know quiet days at home can often be more productive!  I have a great team, they work hard, and they understand my vision. Offering flexible working hours, and remote working, just makes sense to me.”

Two team members shared what they appreciate about TutorPro’s approach to work-life balance, and showing their employees they are valued:

Guille Casanova, one of our Software Developers, and originally from Spain, is excited for the birth of his second child this summer. His wife, Ana, is a nurse and has certification exams that she must complete this year. The exam has to be taken in Spain in May and will be too close to her delivery date for them to return to the UK. Guille spoke with management and they are more than happy for him to work remotely from Spain, for the next 3 months. Guille will able to be with Ana for the duration of her certification timeframe, have support from his Spanish family and celebrate the birth of his second child, with no worries about job security.

Guille shared“My family is the most important thing in my life and TutorPro has built bridges instead of barriers between my job and my family. You cannot find this everywhere. I have no doubt TutorPro is the best company ever.”

Sam Malpass, our newest addition to the Software Development team, comes with two decades of knowledge and a very solid background in Art, Design & Software Development, to name a few. Sam believes that creative code and big data are the “future” and TutorPro’s ideology matches his overall ambition and caters to his slightly unique lifestyle as a UK firefighter!

Over 60% of all UK firefighters are ‘on call’ and they cover over 90% of the country’s area. Being an On-Call Firefighter means that while he isn’t a full-time employee at the station he does have a pager that alerts him to respond to the local Fire Station when there is an emergency. Sam also attends regular courses and competency training sessions.

Sam shared: “TutorPro has enabled me to continue to support my local community as an On- Call firefighter by allowing me to work from home remotely a few days each week, where I can respond to my local Fire Station within 5 minutes and attend incidents. This flexibility and understanding among employers in the UK is highly regarded by our emergency services and me! I am grateful that TutorPro enables me to enjoy a life of creativity and problem-solving skills, whether they’re being applied to a web-based app or whilst running into a burning building…what’s not to love?!”

We hope you have a great work-life balance and would love to hear about your experiences.