The Power of Human Connection in Business

In this post, we’re focusing on overall well-being in the workplace and the power of human connection. We love to share information on our tech ecosystem, and team members; but we also know how important having a positive work culture can be.

Human Connection in Business

Recently we had the opportunity to attend an awesome Association of Talent Development webinar called Boost the Power of Human Connection to Thrive at Work and it was sponsored by a group named Connection Culture Group. They specialize in helping organizations establish connections as their competitive advantage and they focus on three key points (The 3-V’s):

  • VISION – Creating a shared identity and cultivating collaboration.
  • VALUE – Creating a shared empathy and unlocking the intrinsic motivation of a team.
  • VOICE – Creating a shared understanding and stimulating innovation.

Working Cultures and Leadership

During the webinar, they stressed three different work cultures and leaders:

  • Control – Leaders that use their status to rule over employees.
  • Indifference – Leaders who don’t take time to care for and value employee relationships.
  • Connection – Leaders that care about work, employees and the business community.

Why we need Human Connection in Business

There are universal needs that all individuals have in the workplace. These needs include: personal growth, respect, recognition, autonomy, meaning and happiness.

Social human connection makes people happier, more productive and resilient from a health perspective. Conversely, social disconnection makes people vulnerable to stressors, feelings of helplessness, decreased sleep and negative habits such as overconsumption of food, drugs or alcohol.

Not surprisingly, loneliness is also a very common factor, that individuals who are socially disconnected in the workplace can experience.

Epidemic of Loneliness

There is an epidemic of loneliness going on in America. One out of two Americans now falls into this category. Social media may actually be making the problem worse!

AC Nielsen reports that most adults spend 10 hours a day in front of screens (TV, phones, tablets and computer screens). According to a YouGov study, 22% of Millennials report having zero friends and the link between heavy social media & Internet use, ties in with both loneliness and depression.

Human Connection in the Workplace

In the YouGov report, 76% of people stated that they make friends through their work so it is understandable how a positive work environment and culture fosters the ability for developing relationships.

Ask yourself… What sort of work culture and environment does your organization support?

How to use the Power of Human Connection

When the 3-V’s come together it means that an organization is motivated by a mission, trying to understand the needs of those in the work environment and seeking the ideas of others.

Team Intellek are an amazing group and the feedback shared in our former Work Life Balance blog supports the fact that our CEO – Claire Revell, leads an organization focused on employee inclusion, human connection and a positive workplace environment.

By establishing and promoting core values that connect, enhances the entire work experience; resulting in a Human Connection Culture!