Intellek Stands Against Racism

June 9, 2020


As countries continue to battle against the COVID-19 pandemic, we find ourselves in an increasingly worrying time of unrest as people rise once more against the tide of racial prejudice.  It seems unbelievable that we are still having to challenge archaic issues of white versus black in our multicultural, modern world.  Though half of our lives are played out online, it is evident that in the real world there continues to exist an element of the population who are still unwilling to accept social equality and justice for all.  Fortunately, the current protests within our communities against the deaths of George Floyd and innumerable others, demonstrate that the human spirit and thirst for loving thy neighbour, regardless of skin color, remains strong and alive.

As a company which embraces cultural diversity within its team, TutorPro would like to proclaim solidarity with all the peaceful protesters, with their sentiments and ideals for a world without hatred and cruelty.  Let the enlightened stand together and stamp this out with passion, empathy and intelligence but avoiding further violence, which can only serve to cause more heartache in a world that has surely seen enough.