Why Scheduled Reporting?

This week’s blog comes from Intellek HQ as we focus on the subject of scheduled reporting which seems to be a common need for many of the Learning & Development teams that we work with. Is this a common need for your organization as well? Our LMS has reporting and analytics tools that may be able to help!

Assessing skill sets, closing knowledge gaps, and reporting on this data through reports are all critical to trainers and their administrative staff. Who wants the headache of having to manually run reports on a daily or weekly basis?! It’s a waste of time, energy and can be very tedious. 

Our Learning Management System (LMS) provides the following reporting options:

  • Training Tracking
  • Course Assignments
  • Courses Not Taken
  • Learning Path Progress
  • Event Summary
  • Event People
  • Rating Summary
  • Survey Summary
  • Compliance


In addition, we have an Analytics Dashboard that provides usage stats, top courses by completion, and the hours spent by each trainer delivering training.

A recent poll on LinkedIn cited that in 2022 training could likely be a mix of Instructor-Led training and Blended Learning. Tracking these means of training through scheduled reporting could make things very simple for your team.

Having the option to schedule reporting delivered on a recurring basis can assist with overall business needs. Our feature sets up recurring reports (if you want them delivered Mon, Wed and Fri…or any other combination of days) and allows complete flexibility and convenience by getting reporting details sent directly to your Inbox.