5 Crucial Considerations of an LMS for Event & Webinar Management

This week’s blog comes from Intellek HQ, as we talk about the importance of a robust Event Calendar in a Learning Management System (LMS) and some crucial things to consider when reviewing an LMS for Event and Webinar Management. Many businesses have transitioned to a fully remote training program, whilst some are transitioning back to…

Wellbeing Matters for a Healthy Business

As we embark on the home stretch of 2021, we reflect on the effect this year has had on our team and what we have done to safeguard our employees’ wellbeing.

4 Ways to simplify Migrating Your LMS

Transitioning to a new Learning Management System (LMS) can be daunting. Here are 4 ways we help simplify it and help ensure a successful implementation.

Health & Wellness: Live Well, Work Well

Like so many of us, Lisa Tucker our CEO’s PA, has personal experience of mental health issues and in this blog she shares the importance of outdoor living and smiling!