Intellek Marketing

Intellek may collect and process your data for several reasons as part of our marketing programmes. We always do this in a General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)and Privacy and Electronic Communications Regulation (PECR) compliant manner.

Marketing Methods

Methods Intellek Does Not Use:

  • Bought in Lists –Intellek has ceased the practice of buying data lists. This is no longer a method we use to collect data for the purpose of marketing. Anyone whose data we believe came from a list previously, and who has not then become a Client Family Member(giving us a contractual or legitimate interest for contacting) has been removed from our CRM and given a link to our website contact page should they wish to hear from us in future.
  • Postal Mail –Intellek does not market by mail.
  • Live Calls –Intellek does not make unsolicited calls to prospects.
  • Automated Calls –Intellek does not make automated calls.
  • Text Message –Intellek does not send unsolicited text messages.
  • Faxes –Intellek does not market by fax.

Methods Intellek Does Use:

  • Emails –Intellek email markets only to contacts where we have a legitimate interest, or to leads who have expressed interest in our marketing material via the GDPR compliant contact form on our website. All marketing emails link to our website for thought-leadership articles, or company and product news and updates. We do not have an online advertising program.
  • Social Media –Intellek has a LinkedIn page, an Instagram page, a Facebook page and a Twitter account. These pages/accounts drive leads to our website. These pages/accounts are used to collect leads. Leads are then collected via our website contact page.
  • Events and Tradeshows. All information collected at events and tradeshows will be collected in a GDPR compliant manner, using the same threshold of active interest in our products and services as if a lead contacts Intellek via our website contact page.

Intellek CRM

Intellek uses a GDPR-compliant CRM. Please see our GDPR Compliance Statement for details on how the CRM is administered in compliance with the GDPR.