Our LMS Evaluation Toolkit is an awesome resource and it’s FREE!!

Taking your training out of the classroom and off paper, to online is a complex process. That’s before you start to look at doing the due diligence on 750+ LMS’s out there!

Intellek wants to provide effective guidance for companies looking to implement and go through the process of migrating to a new Learning Management System. So we partnered with Michelle Spencer of LLDevNet to create a highly detailed vendor-agnostic Free LMS Evaluation Toolkit to assist you.

What’s Included in the LMS Toolkit?

The LMS Toolkit has five phases and provides a plethora of actionable steps to help you make the right decisions. Whether you already have an LMS in place, or if your organization is considering one of the many learning solutions on the market. This toolkit is designed to help you evaluate and choose the right training system for your needs.

The five phases of the Toolkit follow the process of selecting, implementing and maintaining an LMS.

Phase One: Analysis & Alignment

  • Learning Content Inventory
  • LMS Readiness Assessment
  • What Contributes to LMS ROI
  • LMS ROI Calculator
  • Learning Technology Infrastructure and Terminology
  • Sources of Information
  • 5 Step Learning Strategy How-To-Guide

Phase Two: LMS Selection & Purchasing

  • How to Create Use Cases
  • Potential LMS Use Cases
  • Preliminary LMS Budget Contents
  • Sample LMS RFP Template
  • Questions to Ask LMS Vendors
  • LMS Feature Requirements Checklist

Phase Three: Planning & Implementation

  • Setting Stakeholder Expectations
  • Sample LMS Project Plan
  • LMS Integration Checklist
  • New Course Creation Tracker
  • Suggested Groups & Access Levels
  • HR Checklist: Items to Discuss with HR
  • Suggested Learner & Admin How-To Resources
  • How to Run an LMS Pilot
  • LMS Marketing & Communications Plan

Phase Four: Extending the Reach of your LMS

  • Creative Ways to Engage Learners
  • Ideas on Where to Extend the Reach

Phase Five: Extending the Reach of your LMS

  • Annual LMS Review & Maintenance Checklist
  • LMS Change Readiness Assessment
  • LMS Love & Hate Checklist

It is important to pick the best LMS for your organization and our Toolkit can assist in every way.

Take advantage of our free LMS Evaluation Toolkit below.