Stay Connected in Self-Isolation

This week’s blog comes from Intellek HQ as we continue to find creative ways to stay connected in self-isolation.

Although much of the world is choosing to re-open slowly, many of us will be maintaining remote work and self-isolation for some time. The structure is the key to making sure professional and personal goals are met, as well as maintaining your mental health and well-being.

Stay Connected for Mental Health Benefits

In light of Mental Health Awareness Month, we have all been reading various articles about the importance of showing the world that no one should ever have to be alone. That’s very difficult in today’s current climate.

Our own CEO, Claire Revell, shared her challenges with anxiety in a previous blog last year.

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Random Acts of Kindness

A few of the team talked about the random acts of kindness that they have seen lately. They ranged from leaving a note for the mail carrier, to birthday ride-by celebrations (with lots of car horn honking), along with the daily practice of showing support for our essential workers.

Kindness to Stay Connected in Self-Isolation

We thought it might be a good idea to try something different in the upcoming week. Let’s all try our hand at a week of kindness. Let’s try to be kind to ourselves, to others and to the world.

So here’s a weekly plan to help you share the love and stay connected when remote working:

Monday – Excercise & Fitness

Start the week out right by getting out and exercising or try an online dance class, meditation or yoga session.

Tuesday – Reach Out to Others

Take the time to call your elderly relative who you rarely see, to check on them or offer to walk a neighbor’s pet.

Wednesday – Give Thanks

Handwritten notes seem to be a thing of the past. Write a letter to someone to thank them for being a part of your world.

Thursday – Get a Take Out

Restaurant workers are severely impacted during this pandemic. Order lunch or dinner delivery to your home from one of your local restaurants.

Friday – Get Some Motivation

Listen to a motivational podcast. Times are tough. We like “Life Is a Marathon” with Bruce Van Horn and “The Happiness Lab” with Dr. Laurie Santos.

How to Stay Connected during Self-Isolation

If you’re still finding challenges to staying connected in self-isolation and when remote working from home; check our Top Tips for Working at Home blog, our Managing Stress eLearning module or this infographic below, which offers some great ideas to combat feelings of social isolation.


Stay strong, stay healthy, stay safe and Stay Connected in Self-Isolation