Intellek Create

Learning In The Flow Of Work For Any Industry

Quickly create, unlimited, relevant training and support modules for any software application or website. Learning no longer has to be an interruption in your business. 

Create Content Quickly And Collaboratively​

Through our cloud-based platform you can quickly create content as technology advances, anytime, anywhere. No screenshot captures are required, making content creation efficient and timeless. 

Benefit from the ability to edit and update your team’s content files, or clone for your own use.

Increase Productivity And Reduce Training Costs​

Over two-thirds of Learning and Development teams spend more than 25% of their time redesigning and rethinking learning programs. Now you don’t need to!

In-Workflow Assistance

Your learners can depend on content created with Intellek Create, to assist them as they work, empowering them to work smarter. This feature has been proven to increase engagement by as much as 264%.

Balloon Tips Are There to Assist

Turning on balloon tips shows your learners exactly where to click in the live application. This feature enhances the overall experience and reduces the room for error in your business. 

Higher Retention and Increased Productivity

Completing short, targeted tasks in real-time means that the learner can gain knowledge of the task at hand while continuing to work. There is no need to step outside of the application, watch a video or learn with a simulation!