Offit Kurman – Supporting Company Goals

Many potential Client Family Members are looking to select a learning solution because they want to launch a new program or service. To do so, they need a new tool. Offit Kurman was facing a different challenge. The firm wanted to take their learning programs to the next level: enhancing the user experience, expanding the available course offerings, and preparing to meet the demands of the firm’s growth.

Intellek was asked to pitch against in-place providers as Offit Kurman reviewed available learning solutions. After an extensive and thorough process, Offit Kurman selected Intellek Create as the new tool for their assessment program including LTC4 assessments. They also selected the Intellek LMS as their new learning management solution, and Intellek Learn for their out-of-the-box eLearning to be made available through the LMS.

Answering the Challenge – Robust Testing

To be sure of making the right choice, Offit Kurman asked Intellek to provide them with the opportunity to put all their solutions through a robust testing process. Intellek was only too happy to do this, giving Offit Kurman access to a Sandbox LMS, and Intellek  Create.

This allowed Offit Kurman to test the suitability of the solutions and conclude that the tools would provide the necessary functionality that the firm required.

Authentic Assessments

One of the most important features that Offit Kurman required in the selection of a new solution was the implementation of an assessment tool. This tool would support their goal of having all staff undergo authentic assessments,

Tony Gerdes L&D Manager at Offit Kurman explains:

“We’ve previously used simulations or quizzes to assess our learners. This isn’t really an authentic assessment. It might demonstrate that a user knows a single step, but our daily workflows are more complex. Also, we were not always able to allow for multiple correct responses (like a right-click or keyboard shortcut).

We were thrilled when we saw that Intellek Create will allow us to assess users in the live application, without prompting an answer at any point, and that it allows us to award credit to the learner for the use of any correct method of performing a task. This provides an honest evaluation of a learner’s current level of proficiency”.

Offit Kurman is now considering using the assessment tool for several assessments outside the LTC4 program.

Promoting eLearning!

As Offit Kurman rolled out the Intellek LMS, branded as Offit Kurman University, they started to benefit from features that promote accessibility.

The firm’s previous LMS didn’t have a deep-link feature like the Intellek LMS “learner-link.” This meant that the end-user needed to log in and navigate within the LMS to locate e-learning. Now Tony and the Offit Kurman University team can send out links to content in the LMS. The learners just have one click to launch the content, seamlessly logging them in using Intellek’s Single Sign On (SSO) technology.

In addition, much of the content is available on mobile devices. The Offit Kurman team also decided to purchase a subscription for Intellek Learn. This courseware is developed by our in-house team of developers, all with direct legal practice experience.

Case Study Conclusion

Intellek has risen to the challenge of supplying Offit Kurman with a variety of learning tools that will support them in achieving their business goals. Whether it’s the authentic assessments enabled by Intellek Create, or the seemingly small feature of ‘learner links’. Intellek is thrilled to be able to support Offit Kurman’s business goals.

Rob Skinner, Chief Administrative Officer, Offit Kurman

“As one of the fastest-growing firms in the Mid-Atlantic, we were looking for a platform that would serve us well now and into the future.

Intellek’s LMS provides a sophisticated user experience and mobile capabilities, while its Create courses and assessments provide relevant support and feedback to our users. Their courseware library is also very comprehensive”.

Said Claire Revell, CEO of Intellek,

“What can we say in response to this? It has been a real pleasure getting to know Rob, Tony, and the team at Offit Kurman. We love supporting a Client Family Member who is serious about learning, and how it can support firm business goals.

We are also overjoyed that they have decided to move to using Intellek to support all their learning and assessment programs, including LTC4. We are proud to be the only supplier of truly authentic, live, in-application assessments. Welcome to our Client Family!”