Intellek Deliver

What Is Intellek Deliver?​

Intellek Deliver is a Digital Adoption Platform (DAP) designed to support your users at their exact point of need. It helps guide them through technology applications by simplifying the learning experience and ensuring proficiency.

How does it work?​

No plug-ins, no web extensions, no coding! 

Intellek Deliver instinctively connects to your applications, suggesting learning and storing helpful resources. It enables your employees to find the help they require when they need it and at a pace that suits them. Intellek Deliver is the tool that holds your hand until you decide to let go.

Why Use a DAP?

Intellek Deliver has been proven to improve user engagement by up to 264%. Improved engagement leads to a more proficient workforce, increasing output and productivity. It also lessens the strain on your IT & support staff, enabling these departments to be proactive instead of reactive. 

Comprehensive Reporting and Analytics

Intellek Deliver reports on your employee usage across various applications, providing stakeholders with comprehensive reports on which applications are being used the most and how much time is spent on them.

Powerful Cross-Platform Search Directory

Intellek Deliver can be used as a powerful search directory for so much more than just relevant content and training. Allow your employees to find settings, relevant PDFs, policy documents, email addresses, websites and more!

Seamless Integration

Our simple process for allowing Intellek Deliver to access content across your organization means that you can make all your resources available in one location with just a few simple steps!