Intellek LMS

Yes. History can be imported via a CSV import. We do have an API, however, for a one-off import. We find that clients prefer the CSV option. 

You can manage this process easily! It’s quick and simple. We offer a bulk upload feature too.

Whilst the LMS does not officially support MAC users, as we do not develop on MACs, we do have hundreds of students and many businesses successfully using MACs with no issue. 

Yes, no problem. We can provide a sandbox for 7-14 days, following a demo.

Yes. Our LMS has an API with a selection of different web methods.

Yes, we support SCORM 1.2 and AICC.

Yes, non-SCORM materials will show a completion record, with the duration, in a user’s learning record. LMS admins will also be able to run a report on this type of history.

The standard is 1.1GB per file/per course.

Yes. A calendar invite is sent upon enrolment. The LMS will also notify users of any updates and cancellations. Calendar invites are also sent to the Event Contacts (trainers) and these are all customizable.

You can upload a new version of a course without affecting the history of the existing course, if you’d rather not add a new course. 

There is no additional charge for SSO and we support ADFS 4.0, OKTA and Azure AD.

The LMS is web-responsive and will render to any screen size. In light of this, we’ve not had to develop an app.

Intellek Create & Deliver

We are proud to say no… you don’t! Unlike other solutions, neither Intellek Create or Deliver rely on any web extensions, Add-Ins and there is no coding required on your end. 

Both Intellek Create and Deliver are compatible with applications installed on a Windows device. Intellek Create is also compatible with websites and browser based applications.

We’d love you to… but no, it’s not a requirement! 

Absolutely! We can provide hands-on training and these sessions are delivered via Microsoft Teams with one of our product experts, to get you acclimated. 

Yes! As well as reporting back to the LMS.

Yes! There are three levels of reporting. You can see an overall Pass/Fail with a score, along with the exact steps the learner took to complete the assessment, whether they used your preferred method or an alternative. You also have the option to show the learner the detailed results, along with learning resources that are mapped to the workflow to ensure targeted training is available on completion. 

You can publish as standalone HTML files, AICC. or directly to the Intellek LMS. 

Pricing, Support & Onboarding

No! All features and functionalities are included in the costs provided. We don’t charge any extra for support, access to the API or for Single Sign On (SSO).

We can provide hands-on training; these sessions are delivered via Microsoft Teams with one of our product experts.

No! We offer unlimited support and there is no additional cost for support.

We have a UK and US based support team, who are available from 9am GMT until 5pm EST.

Whether you’re submitting an issue, requesting a new feature or if you’d just like to brainstorm a scenario, the team is available. You can call, email or use the new Support Portal where you can also monitor your tickets. 

No bots, just humans!

Once we welcome you to the Client Family, you’ll have a ‘Getting Started’ call with our Client Success Manager and your dedicated Account Manager. During the 30-minute call we’ll discuss roles, responsibilities, timelines etc… You’ll also be provided with an implementation plan and product training will be scheduled. During the training, you’ll have access to a test instance whilst Intellek’s technical team are setting up your live site.

The team will fully support you during this process and ensure you have a successful implementation.

Our fantastic support team will always be available to answer any questions you have. You’ll also meet with your Account Manager throughout the year. The majority of our Client Family opt for quarterly check-ins, but this is based on your preferences. We also host quarterly roundtables and monthly webinars, where we provide product updates and our Client Family can share ideas and support one another. 

Yes. There is a help feature in all of our products, directing you to our online manual, step-by-step guides and our ‘How To’ video library.