TutorPro Assessments Approved by LTC4

June 21, 2017


LTC4 Vendor-Member TutorPro Adds Five More LTC4 Approved Assessments.

TutorPro Ltd, leading supplier of learning software and solutions to the global legal community, has received approval for their assessments on the following five LTC4 Core Competencies:

  • Presentations
  • Time and Billing
  • Collaborating with Others
  • Data, Reports and Exhibits
  • Managing Documents and Emails

These, added to TutorPro’s approved assessment for the Core Competency ‘Working with Legal Documents’, mean that TutorPro now has six LTC4 Approved Assessments.

A benefit of being a Vendor Member of LTC4 is receiving access to the details of the Core Competencies, which are not made available to non-members. Whilst a Vendor Member of LTC4 has access to the Core Competencies, their assessments are only deemed aligned until they are put before an LTC4 Certification Pod for formal approval. Once the pod has met, and ascertained that the assessments are indeed of the appropriate level, the Vendor Member’s assessments receive the designation of ‘approved’.

Said Claire Loram, VP Client Success at TutorPro, on hearing the news of the approvals:

“I’m so excited by this news! Team TutorPro has worked really hard to get all the necessary evidence together to enable the LTC4 Certification Pod to make their decision about these five assessments in one shot. We have been supporters of LTC4 from the beginning as we believe that the establishment of technology core competencies in the legal community is immensely important as technology is now inextricably linked to the practice of law. Over the last 12 months we have seen a huge increase in the number of firms exploring LTC4 Membership, and assessment. We look forward to maintaining our position as the market-leading provider of learning software and solutions to the global legal community, and ever-more firms’ supplier of choice for LTC4 Assessments”.