Game Changing Software for the L&D Industry

September 20, 2019


TutorPro Live Content Studio is becoming the world’s most advanced content creation tool.  Live Content Studio allows businesses the ability to create eLearning and Assessments for any application on a PC. The end-user completes the workflow in real time.

Beginning in October, an update to Live Content Studio will support the creation of content for any web-based application! More and more applications are becoming cloud-based, so this truly represents the world of learning we live in today.

The second game changer for L&D is the release of Athena Version 2.0. Athena is a context sensitive, just-in-time training solution, which consolidates information across an organization. It delivers resources and information to the end-user in real time as needed.

This release brings two significant enhancements. The first new feature in Version 2.0 introduces the use of important content and messages. Imagine you have mandatory Security Awareness training that you need all employees to complete. How do you manage that now? Do you email them a link followed by numerous reminder emails? Now you can rely on Athena to present users with instant important messages and content when they are working at their desk, there is no chance to experience missed emails or a need to get to them later. Important content will continue to pop up until they complete it!

The second new feature for Athena Version 2.0 is the Office Add-In.  Today’s users expect information to be available at their fingertips, and that includes in the workplace. Making Athena available as a Microsoft Office Add-In empowers them and lets them work smarter. They can search for any resource or information stored on the network, SharePoint, or in the LMS, all from within an Office application. This is truly game changing!

TutorPro is in the final rounds of beta testing Athena 2.0 with a selection of clients and partners, and updates will be released in time for the 2019 DevLearn Conference and Expo. Be sure to stop by for a demo of both of these revolutionary solutions at booth 704!

Claire Revell, CEO at TutorPro, shares:

“These updates are a real turning point for businesses. For the first time companies will be able to quickly create and deliver training and assessments for any installed, or web-based, software application, in real time. The updates also provide our clients the confidence that our technology is being enhanced in line with the rapid pace of their technology changes. It’s key we develop the right tools so businesses can grow and we’re here to make training, supporting and learning easy in any application!”