The Importance of Self Care and Wellness

This week’s blog comes from Team TPHQ and follows on from our ‘Boost the Power of Human Connection to Thrive at Work’ blog.

Today we focus on a webinar that one of our team members attended and shared details about. The webinar focused primarily on the importance of Self Care in Wellness routines. It was hosted by FitSpot, a provider of wellness dedicated to providing the latest health and wellness programs that boost morale, increase productivity and reduce healthcare costs in the workplace.

Courtney McWaine, a personal trainer, wellness coach and selfcare podcaster facilitated the session. The podcast was very informative and focused on 4 key steps to personal wellness:

  • Reconnect to your why
  • Let go of limiting beliefs
  • Be & live your best version
  • Accept, Adapt & Adjust

Courtney stressed the need to have wellness goals and ways to increase those aspirations. A helpful tip for accountability is to write down the “why” tied to the objective. Having limiting beliefs equals restrictive thinking and stagnates overall progress. In order to live the best version of your life it is important to allow reasonable time for goal setting, celebration of wins and knowing that every day is a new opportunity to start your own self care practice.

Living in mindfulness and taking mental notes of your areas of improvement is critical. Meditation is a wonderful way to get centered and provides a way to slow down when life gets hectic. Courtney also shared that having a daily mantra is a good way to keep your focus for the day in check. So, whether it is just a few positive words (“Today is going to be a great Tuesday!”) or a complete affirmation (“I surround myself with positive people I care about, but I also nurture my relationship with myself.”), both can keep you in a good place.

We try to practice a strong Work Life Balance here at TutorPro led by Claire, our CEO, who is an advocate of continued learning (in the workplace as well as personally). She is exhibiting this and leading by example by working with a Performance Coach in the near future to help with business strategies and TutorPro growth. We are excited to step into quarter four of 2019 and focus on our wellness needs and business goals!