Top 5 Reasons to Use an LMS During a Pandemic

Top 5 Reasons to Use an LMS During a Pandemic

Are you having problems keeping employees engaged and on top of their training while they are handling work from home?

This week’s blog comes from Team TutorPro HQ as we field requests from clients and prospects.

Here are the top 5 reasons we have found organizations are searching for tools during this current health climate:

  1. Create work efficiencies
  2. Increased employee engagement & collaboration
  3. Trainer ease of use
  4. Security guidelines
  5. Condensed recurring reporting

Deeply honoured to receive this feedback from Brent, thank you!


Create Work Efficiencies

When it comes to work efficiencies, we are all looking for tools that can help our teams get work done in a professional and expeditious manner. Some of us are working harder than ever and trying to get things done as quickly as possible. An LMS reduces the time it takes to manage a blended learning program and provides the ability to “push” mandatory learning and a platform where content can be made available on-demand, offering a self-paced learning platform for employees.  

Increased Employee Engagement & Collaboration

Staying connected and keeping employees engaged is at the forefront of companies’ minds right now. Being able to screenshare, jump on Zoom meetings and multiple daily conference calls are being accelerated as part of the current and future business norms. Everyone is painstakingly trying to keep up!! Modern LMS’s offer an array of features and functionality empowering employees to collaborate, share and engage.

Trainer Ease of Use

Trainers are struggling these days to keep employees on task with completing required training while working remotely. Scheduling features are essential to ensure timelines are met within the organization.

Security Guidelines

Information Security is always a factor and making sure guidelines are followed is paramount. Most companies have designated guidelines for security that require annual training and assessment.

Condensed Recurring Reporting

In today’s “new normal”, tracking and reporting is of great importance to monitor attendance and completion.

The TutorPro LMS checks the boxes for all these business needs.  It reduces the time it takes to manage a blended learning program and it’s the perfect hub for businesses of any size. Single Sign On (SSO) provides seamless access to an intuitive Home Dashboard, increasing user adoption. Content available on-demand allows self-paced learning and simple administration eases the life for LMS admins!

Here’s hoping your team finds an LMS that is perfect for your ongoing needs. If ours sounds like a good fit, we’d love to hear from you. Contact