Easy Ways to Run Reports

Do you find it becoming increasingly difficult to keep track of employee’s training histories and what courses they have and haven’t taken? It certainly doesn’t help that we are all distanced and have to rely on an email here or there with details on attendance and courses that have been completed.

Intellek’s Learning Management System has a very unique analytics component along with a host of reporting tools. Our analytics dashboard provides a quick way to see the login activity for up to a year, with longer term time periods being added in the near future. Top courses by user completion are also featured, along with trainers’ hours for convenient tracking.

Our reports include an array of content, not limited to:
  • Training Tracking All online courses include statuses, scores, duration and time stamps. It gives the ability to select multiple search criteria and groups by course or user.
  • Course Assignments– Reports on complete and incomplete assigned courses and offers the ability to group by course or user.
  • Courses Not Taken– Thoroughly allows for a more in-depth inspection of those who haven’t yet completed training, particularly important for topics such as Security Awareness.
  • Path Progress– This report provides detail on user’s incomplete and complete learning paths. 
  • Survey Summary– A report can be produced to view the results of surveys that users have taken including any questions and responses provided.

All the report data can be exported, saved and scheduled including additional columns of data in relation to the user or specific course.

Need recurring reports frequent times a week, or month? No problem!! They can be set for any date or time, as needed with the ability to have them emailed directly to your inbox.

Feel free to reach out to solutions@intellek.io for additional details as it relates to your business needs!