Wellbeing Matters for a Healthy Business

October 10th was World Mental Health Day and, as we embark on the home stretch of 2021 it also sees the completion of a full year’s permanent remote working for Intellek. It now feels like the right time to reflect on the effect this has had on our team and what we have done to safeguard our employees’ wellbeing and happiness for the coming year.

As we continue to face countless news bulletins proclaiming the alarming increase of mental health issues and warnings that our already overburdened mental services are at breaking point, businesses have realised it’s time to take responsibility and take this seriously – none more so than Intellek.  We surveyed, we listened, and we reacted. Everything we have done and continue to do is driven by the individual needs of the Team in what remains tough times for all.

Amidst the wave of positive feedback regarding home working and the overwhelming consensus that the hybrid format is what the world wants, there are those who are quietly struggling. We must be sensitive that this may not be the preferred way of working for everyone and remind ourselves that poor mental health is not as obvious as a bout of flu or a broken leg and, despite the best will in the world, can remain hidden, particularly in the virtual working world.

A Forbes article reported that 80% of workers would considering seeking alternative work in a company which put more emphasis on valuing employees’ mental health.

As the saying goes,

“We are all in the same storm, but we are not all in the same boat”.

In fact, Social isolation can be a significant issue for remote-workers, so at Intellek we put our heads together to look at ways to overcome this, particularly as our Team is located all over the world, from the US to the UK to Spain – in fact we couldn’t be more socially distanced if we tried!  So how can we stay connected in this virtual world?

What We Did This Year:
  • We sent out a poll to find out what employees really want from social engagement at work and are drawing up plans for 2022.
  • We asked, “What are the barriers to staying connected?”.
  • We offered regular wellbeing calls – “How are things? Really?”.
  • We found out who wanted to meet up and how often.
  • We created a Mental Health & Wellbeing policy to outline what Intellek can do to support employees.
  • We scheduled training to ensure we wouldn’t miss any mental health or wellbeing issues and identified a Mental Health Lead to ensure easy and confidential access to support systems.
  • CEO Claire put in place a Profit Sharing Scheme so that all the gang can benefit from Intellek’s success – after all, it is a team effort!