Reasons why Deep LMS Links should be used

This month’s blog comes from Intellek HQ and we are excited to share some critical information on what’s so important about LMS Links. Watch this quick rundown by our Head of BD and Innovation Daryl Fitzpatrick, as he takes you through how learning management system links work in our solution.

Inspire Social Learning with Leaner Links

How does Deep Linking work in an LMS?

For Deep links in an LMS to be truly functional for our clients, there are three key elements that we feel are of value to provide…

SSO and Deep Linking in an LMS

An important factor tied to all 3 of these points about LMS Links is that with Single Sign On (SSO), no one is required to log in when they enter the Intellek LMS. In essence, SSO makes access very simple and seamless.

This is a pertinent feature to enable ease of use since everyone has had the experience of having to try to recall “What’s my password again?”.

1. Learners Can Share LMS Links

The first element that we would like to touch on is the value of our ‘Share LMS links’ feature. It allows employees to collaborate and engage with each other, by sharing a link to a course or by sending an email to another employee with the link included. The email can be sent directly to the coworker’s Outlook mail and accessed immediately in real-time.

LMS Share 1

2. One LMS Link = Multiple Event Enrolment Options

The LMS calendar can often become very busy!

Imagine you have 20 events, or webinars, scheduled on the calendar for one course. Rather than emailing 20 separate links out for each event or asking staff “When do you want to attend”, LMS Administrators can quickly and easily send one LMS link which can show all upcoming calendar events.

This is a handy feature that expedites scheduling while again, making for a pleasant learner experience.

LMS Multi Enrol

3. Seamlessly Launch Courses From Any Device

Finally, another much-loved feature is the ability to broadcast any course type, with LMS links for employees to get immediate access to the course. Sending a broadcast email is a terrific and efficient way to make sure learners get what they need, even when they’re on their mobile!

What Our Clients Say About Deep Links in an LMS

This quote from Janette Nicholson, at McMillan LLP, speaks to how deep linking in their LMS has been a true asset:

“The training calendar is intuitive and user-friendly for our legal staff who may not have a significant amount of time to spend perusing an overly complicated calendar. Once a user registers for a scheduled learning session, calendar appointments automatically follow.

What’s most refreshing about Intellek’s LMS is that there’s never a need for users to be pre-enrolled in a course and the ‘learner launch links’ that can be sent from each course. This allows our company to incorporate direct course links among internal communications as well as through our company intranet!”

Janette Nicholson, Learning Technologist. McMillan LLP

We love sharing feedback from our wonderful Client Family Members about how our solutions provide positive experiences for their teams.