Intellek LMS

Customizable, Intuitive interface

Our easily customized interface ensures LMS admins are able to give your end-users a tailored journey to find resources that are relevant to them. Assignments, in-progress learning, and a personal record are all available with just one click. 

Content Available On-Demand

Our LMS library shows courses that are available and relevant to your learners. User-friendly category cards can be set up to easily show the user what courses are available. Content can be launched, shared, and reviewed with just one click. 

feature rich calendar

Our calendar functionality makes virtual and physical events easy to manage. Enrolling, waitlisting, and viewing events has never been so effortless. Outlook integration makes it easy for both the LMS admins and your end-users to manage their calendar either on the go or at their desk, all with just one click.

Detailed Analytics and Reporting

Built-in reporting makes it easy to publish real-time and impactful data to share with the rest of your business. Delivering key reports on a scheduled basis, ready to update managers and key stakeholders without having to click a button.

Real Time Dashboards

Create real-time dashboards that give up-to-date information on courses, learning paths, and user activity. Dashboards that provide you with the ability to complete calls to action with just one click.

Automation and Simple Administration

Compliance can be easily monitored through the use of auto-assigning courses, running reports, and logging results in each user’s personal compliance folder. Follow up through notifications and system-generated emails, direct to the user’s inbox. All with just one click!