LMS for Training Global Teams

Training global teams across time zones is extremely difficult and time-consuming for international companies. Providing consistent, standardized training to distributed offices also represents a major challenge. As teams collaborate remotely, understanding individual skill levels and tracking training completion rates becomes even harder.

These issues can lead to wider skills gaps across your organization, difficulties maintaining training compliance, and an inability to reinforce learning concepts. Without addressing them, you may struggle to build aligned, high-performing global teams.

This article will demonstrate how implementing an enterprise learning management system (LMS) platform can provide you with a comprehensive solution for delivering impactful training to international employees around the world.

Hidden Dangers of Training Global Teams

Scheduling training sessions across multiple time zones already gives L&D admins migraines. Fitting in virtual sessions between team meetings and calls proves even trickier. Without central coordination, training ends up delayed, disjointed, or rushed.

These scheduling headaches are just the tip of the iceberg. Far more dangerous issues hide below the surface when training global teams.

Some of the more common global training challenges:

  • Coordinating schedules across time zones
  • Ensuring training consistency across regions
  • Tracking completion rates with distributed teams
  • Delivering impactful virtual sessions
  • Gauging skills and addressing gaps remotely

Inconsistent Messaging Breeds Confusion

Delivering standardized training across regions turns into a game of cat and mouse. Nuances get lost and key messages shift as individual offices and managers relay information. Employees receive conflicting guidance, resulting in confusion that impacts work quality.

Limited Visibility Widens Skills Gaps

Collaborating with remote team members makes it much harder to understand current skill levels and training needs. Companies end up flying blind instead of proactively upskilling employees. Skills gaps widen until churn and attrition strike unexpectedly.

Missed Objectives Destroy Engagement

Employees who feel set up to fail disengage quickly. Without oversight of distributed teams, successfully reinforcing concepts or correcting knowledge gaps is nearly impossible. Skills fail to stick and corporate initiatives miss objectives as a result, systematically destroying engagement.

Smarter Ways to Train Global Teams

We get it – training global teams can be nothing but a headache for you. Between cramped schedules, confusing messages, and skill gaps widening silently, you’ve felt helpless to build the high-performing teams you envision.

Well, those days can finally end. By implementing an intelligent learning management system (LMS) platform, you’re getting a comprehensive solution for effortless training across time zones.

Kiss Scheduling Headaches Goodbye

Our leading enterprise LMS solution centralizes everything for you on one cloud-based platform. Get ready to schedule training with a few clicks regardless of region. The system automatically accounts for time zones, adapting to fit your teams’ availability. No more migraine-inducing logistics!

Hassle-Free ILT Session Scheduling

Many instructors prefer facilitating immersive in-person training for that human touch. Well this LMS has them covered too! The integrated calendar seamlessly sends invites to your employees’ Outlook calendars, automatically adjusting for time zones and availability. ILT sessions get scheduled in just a few clicks without the messy back-and-forth emails. The best part – your learners stay up-to-date on training times that fit their schedule within their daily workflow. No disruptions needed!

Maintain Crystal Clear Visibility of Skills

Would you like complete visibility into your distributed teams through robust analytics reporting? With our LMS you can drill into skill levels, training completion rates, and compliance by region, department, or individuals with ease. Insights to proactively upskill and nurture talent!

Reinforce and Assess Concepts Along the Way

The benefits keep coming too! Rather than crossing your fingers hoping concepts stick, embedded microlearning, assessments, automated reminders and more ensure they do. Successfully reinforce, measure, and correct gaps in knowledge until you’ve built a global team operating at peak performance!

An LMS Unlocks Your Global Team’s Potential

After facing so many obstacles in a global onboarding process and trying to train distributed teams, you might feel like impactful development across regions is impossible. Well, those barriers now come crashing down thanks to the enterprise-grade LMS solution available from Intellek.

By centralizing and scheduling all training on a single intuitive platform, you finally deliver consistent, standardized messaging around the world. Powerful ILT virtual training scheduling capabilities drive up global engagement. Most importantly – the rich analytics provide visibility into overseas skill gaps, while embedded reinforcement tools ensure critical knowledge sticks.

Some key LMS platform benefits:

  • Centralized portal for all training needs
  • Automated scheduling tools
  • Virtual classroom and ILT capabilities
  • Real-time analytics and reporting
  • Microlearning and assessment features

Just imagine – a high-performing distributed team where regional silos and disjointed messaging are artifacts of the past. One aligned global workforce empowered by the skills and mindsets to execute corporate initiatives flawlessly. An adaptable team that can shift initiatives instantly thanks to airtight reinforcement and oversight from their LMS performance dashboard.

“We would not have gotten through these past few months (during Covid) without our partnership with Intellek. We’ve never seen the enrolment numbers in the workshops that we’ve been delivering. Intellek really helped us establish and maintain a culture of continual learning. They are exceptional at developing and supporting their learning content and systems around the needs of their clients!”

Brent Taylor – L&D National Manager

This fully unified global team is now within your reach. Our powerful enterprise LMS platform makes it achievable at last through smarter training coordination, delivery, and reinforcement tools. It’s time to unlock your distributed team’s performance potential!

Take the Guesswork out of LMS Selection

If selecting the right learning management system for training global teams feels overwhelming, don’t go at it alone. With over 30 years of tenure in this field, you can lean on the expertise of an experienced LMS implementation partner like Intellek. We’ve helped distributed enterprises identify and deploy the ideal training platforms to drive team alignment and skill development across regions. Now we want to help you ask the right questions.

Download our free interactive LMS Buyer’s Toolkit today. Our digital evaluation guide contains carefully designed worksheets, checklists, and questionnaires to simplify your software vetting process. It walks you through defining essential use cases, outlining must-have features, and assessing vendors across key factors from analytics to support.

See Your Global Training Challenges Solved

Don’t wait any longer to empower unified, high-achieving distributed teams. Now is the time to finally overcome your specific global training headaches with a tailored LMS solution.

Schedule a free custom demo to see firsthand how easily our all-in-one platform addresses your biggest distributed team obstacles through:

  • Streamlined calendar across regions
  • Impactful virtual and in-person scheduling capabilities
  • Granular oversight into team skills and gaps
  • Tools to reinforce critical knowledge

Experience the solution built just for your unique training needs within your global organization. We can handle teams of 50 to over 100,000 employees, so let’s discuss how our enterprise LMS platform scales to your size and desired outcomes.

The personalized insight you’ll gain into our advanced global features and capabilities will be invaluable. Schedule your demo now to unlock consistent, engaging, and effective tools for training global teams!